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Article: For an introduction to the constellations that everyone knows

For an introduction to the constellations that everyone knows

For an introduction to the constellations that everyone knows

♈Aries: (Mars, symbolizing energy and stamina)
♈Aries: (Mars, symbolizing energy and stamina) opposite Libra
Biggest trait - pioneering, has a desire to create something or to achieve something, source of action and impulse, his pioneering focus is instinctively creative;

Any situation Leaves himself open and room for maneuver, seeks a sense of trade-offs between what can be done and what can be done; will be impulsive within a manageable range and will back off when out of range;

The second characteristic - focus, action; very competitive, enterprising, very focused, hard to be influenced by the people around, not easily disturbed (and Scorpion, like Mars, Scorpion also has an additional Pluto)

In addition, the psychological aspect of the pursuit of happiness, hate negative emotions; speak more straight, sometimes without thinking, will not think too much about other people's emotions; resulting in the Aries very direct, decisive, like to solve problems in a simple way!

Very concerned about self-space; create their own comfortable small space, very focused and engaged, do not want to let others disturb, no matter who you are, otherwise it is easy to get angry!

Keywords: Ego, Focus, Pursuit of Happiness, Strong Action (Action is in service of his happiness or unhappiness), Competitiveness

Positive traits: strong action, competitive, hot blooded, chivalrous, direct and decisive

↘Negative traits: lack of staying power, easy to be impulsive; hasty decisions; not knowing strategy, incomplete thinking;

TIPS: The first thing each sign should do is to learn from his opposite house sign, and the second thing is to learn from his next sign, because the cycle of the cycle is weekly, so the sign after each sign is an evolution, an upgraded version of the sign, which contains the advantages of the previous sign, and rejects his shortcomings, so the Aries is to learn from the Taurus;
♉Taurus: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty)
♉ Taurus: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty) Opposite Scorpion
Accumulated desire, very realistic, will be satisfied, do not want to get too far away from him, Taurus itself is very pragmatic

Sense of value, special consideration of value, determined that the goal is not easy to turn back, will adhere to a kind of self-confidence and persistence, regardless of external influences will break through resistance, do not listen to the opposition, insist on completing their own ideas (this point is a bit like the Water Bottle)

Confident in their own point of view, happy to enjoy life, especially willing to show what they have; Taurus enjoys materialistic and practical things (Pisces enjoys the spirit of bias)

On behalf of the natural beauty (Libra on behalf of the carving and modification of the beauty), such as you see the desert, the Himalayas, feel the beauty, the kind of nature's artifice. Taurus on behalf of this natural beauty, to the person is born beautiful, not dressed up how beautiful

Extremely concerned about itself and the enjoyment of the senses, see, touch and hear the senses, care about very concrete things.

Especially down-to-earth and stubborn, like an old cow will be down-to-earth, step by step, adhere to their own feel right; do not like never like, like always like, like you may like you a certain feature, and will not be all, he is very clear about the part he likes!

Keywords: self-confidence, figurative aesthetics, persistent stubbornness, enjoyment of material things, stability, perseverance, realistic

Negative: stubborn, easy to ignore others, lazy and greedy at the same time, addicted to sensual pleasures, boring, chronic

Positive: strong patience, self-confidence, stability, persistence, enjoyment.

TIPS: The Taurus generally has a heavy appetite for sex, money, color, material and stability, and is generally better behaved when it wants to satisfy its desires; if it is not satisfied, it will not restrain itself, and will go looking for
♊Gemini: (Mercury, symbolizing spiritual communication)
♊ Gemini: (Mercury, symbolizing spiritual communication) opposite Sagittarius
Strong information-gathering ability: sensitive to new things, extremely sensitive to the slightest change, strong information-capturing ability is the strongest in the 12 constellations; curiosity is the strongest in the 12 constellations;

Thirst for learning and change, like to try every new thing, every piece of want to catch, not easy to go deeper; self, like to express their own views, to attract the attention of others; will be appropriate to compromise their own to cater to the public, pay attention to your needs;

Thoughts and information are especially easy to be influenced, see things objectively, easy to be influenced by others, accept fresh views; think others have a point, he will bow his head, admit his mistakes and go to change;

Keywords: objective, strong in grasping and gathering information, curious, strong in learning, strong in communication and expression skills

Positive: smart and flexible, quick thinking, adaptable, good learning ability, likes to innovate, good communication, good interpersonal relationship

Negative: easily influenced, not stable enough, easily distracted, easy to do things double-mindedly, difficult to go deeper, changeable
♋Cancer: (Moon, symbolizing emotions and feelings)
♋ Cancer: (Moon, symbolizing emotions and feelings) opposite Capricorn
Self-protection and family-oriented, have the ability to take care of and care, easy to develop like a small circle of family members, small groups, warm and tolerant of their own circle of people, inside the circle and outside the circle of people feel he is not the same, the boundary line delimitation will be particularly serious; to the circle of people valued at the same time, there are a lot of requirements for them, the giant crab want to be valued and valued, concerned and concerned, tolerant and accommodating

Cancer nostalgia, basically very accommodating; but the negative characteristics, easy to be emotional, to like people can not tolerate you too independent, and can not tolerate you are not independent, want to be relied on by you, but also want you to rely on him; very concerned about similar to the family's emotions and warmth

Strong dependence on people in the circle, lack of independence, need to be considerate, caring and warmth, care and be taken care of; want to feel safe, will not refrain from what they like;

Emotional: he will pay attention to your needs, give you what you want, beg for your attention, also need you to pay attention to him, give him what he wants, can't give him will make, because can't get the loss of emotional, sulking, but will not say directly, hope that the heart is in the right place, especially to treat the people he considers important

Keywords: emotional, absolute need for security, needing and being needed, loving and being loved, sensitive

Negative: emotional, willful, insecure, poor self-control, high need for love and attention, lack of independence, timid, unwilling to express needs

Positive: Protective of family, easy to give warmth, tolerant, nostalgic, tendency to take care of others

TIPS: Cancer needs to be like Leo behind him to learn to express and show himself while having the spirit of charging, to be independent, and to believe in his own independent ability.
♌Leo: (Sun, symbolizing passion and energy)
♌ Leo: (Sun, symbolizing passion and energy) opposite Aquarius
Biggest traits - need to express self; want to be valued by the outside world, creative; need for self-expression and self-expression, self-consciousness to draw attention from others

Will tend to convey happiness and share positive energy; dislikes depressing atmosphere and will take initiative to improve it;

Strong willpower and ability to recover. When encountering big problems, the ability to recover is generally very strong;

Accepting part of the crab's insecurity, have a tendency to retain; say the problem is easy to talk about a general output a conceptual, like to talk about half and leave half, leaving a gap for others to create, the delivery will always not be very detailed, have a tendency to retain the ego

Extremely need to be concerned, be recognized, especially rising lions, material is the most obvious, like to play themselves very dazzling, eye-catching, to be noticed; especially easy to lead the popularity of the masses; lions do not have a stage and do not feel the attention will be particularly uncomfortable, resulting in self-doubt!

Generally generous and generous, the need for a sense of honor, at the same time because of the care of creativity, willing to show you the good and happy positive energy, enjoy playing, enjoy the process of creating their own things; generous to people, at the same time very high-profile arrogance, do things with a sense of propriety, good face, so give the lion the best advice based on the advice;

Keywords: need to be valued, care about self-expression, focus on popularity, creativity, positive energy, strong principles, strong recovery ability

Negative: self-doubt, insecurity, reservations, unwillingness to accept criticism, high self-esteem, arrogance

Positive: transmits happiness and positive energy, strong willpower and resilience, creativity, vitality

TIPS: Leo likes to be the center of social life and can easily satisfy the needs of the public. This sign is suitable for being a star and is prone to produce singing divas and kings.
♍Virgo: (Mercury, symbolizing knowledge and work)
♍ Virgo: (Mercury, symbolizing knowledge and work) opposite Pisces
Detailed planning, presentation of the self, rubbing off on the self in a group, synergizing with the group, presentation of the self in a group rubbing off on the group in a secondary school

Extreme search for inner order, a strong sense of discipline, very high standards, strict adherence to the knowledge set, no one can go against it.

Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous, humble, willing to learn from others, strong sense of morality (not of the community at large, but of his inner order, which he considers immoral if you go against it), judgmental standards that follow his heart;

He is very organized, very good at planning, has very strict requirements, and has a strong sense of inner order (e.g., cleanliness, things must be put back to their original places); he is prudent, thoughtful, and likes to look at problems with dialectical thinking.

Variable, will change with the changing environment of his standards will continue to change; self beautification needs

Virgin requirements will be divided into internal and external, a high demand for themselves (very good), will continue to learn and change, due diligence; the other high demand for others (the people around them are very painful)

Maverick, like to define others, high demands on themselves, the standard did not meet the easy anxiety and conflict; logical, very serious, key details; like to define others;

Virgo is stronger people, will update the loss of the ability to look at macro issues and the overall picture, look at the problem one-sided, low acceptance of new things; like to calculate how much others and their own pay, fairness, love to calculate the characteristics of the

Keywords: dialectical thinking, logical, demanding, sense of inner order, responsible and cautious, meticulous, organized, love of learning, the

Positive: follow inner order, show high standards, strong learning ability, humble learning attitude, responsible, meticulous, planned and organized, will serve others, cautious and thoughtful in doing things

Negative: anxious and neurotic, one-sided, no overall view, low acceptance of new things.
♎Libra: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty)
♎ Libra: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty) Opposition Aries
Coordination ability, focus on the coordination of relations with others, the collective sense of cooperation with others, sociability, adapt to society, especially like to reconcile and coordinate relations, very concerned about the power of cooperation;

Weighing the relationship, hesitant about their own affairs, to others is a master mediator; others can give good advice when the relationship is tense, very good at balancing the interests of both sides, weighing the pros and cons, weighing the development, weighing the gains and losses, weighing the relationship;

Coordination and weighing to ensure the harmony of the relationship, care about the harmony between people, reach a win-win situation, do things well, have a good result;

Self-consciousness, using one's own power to develop and attract resources, what one can't get will not be commanded directly, one will use tactics or roundabout strategies to attract the other party; two-faced, maintaining fairness on the positive side; hesitation on the negative side, preferring to look at the problem from God's perspective, standing on the moral high ground (because there is no absolute fairness, one will be hesitant), hesitation produces procrastination

Greed, Libra's tangled hesitation lies in greed, wanting everything, wanting to be fair but worrying about being too much;

Rationality, weighing the pros and cons and fairness requires rational space, the bone is thin, cold, not particularly attached to anyone;

Good interpersonal image, good external image, considerate, gentle, romantic, in order to facilitate access to more resources (lack of Aries real, sincere, simple)

Good at packaging themselves, all traits are packaged and groomed, packages their image beautifully; politeness means detachment to keep distance; hypocrisy, acts nice to the outside world, has another set of plans inside;

Good at socializing, care about long-term one-on-one relationships in interpersonal relationships, focus on each other's needs, to please you, to reach a win-win situation, to achieve long-term relationship maintenance; but encounter problems, can not reach or give you what you want, easy to choose to escape, perfunctory, and inherently like to lie.

Dare not take risks, entanglement and hesitation is easy to lose some urgent opportunities, more cowardly, like surface work. When encountering problems, you may take a step back and watch the fire from the other side of the river. Easy to compromise, because care about relationships, will integrate, soft, is good crisis communicator, the pursuit of results can be roundabout concessions (Aries value the process); good at modifying the relationship, cover up their own behavior, care about the interaction of the relationship;

Keywords: backing off, pursuing results, coordination, trade-offs, harmony, tact and politeness, one-to-one relationships

Positive: harmony, politeness, sociability, good image, rationality

Negative: duplicity, do as little as you can, pedantry, hypocrisy hypocrisy, greed
♏Scorpio: (Pluto, symbolizing transformation)
♏ Scorpio: (Pluto, symbolizing transformation) opposite Taurus
Caring about desires and having many desires, the opposite house Taurus, favoring the Taurus, places extreme importance on sensual pleasures and material desires, i.e., valuing the material versus valuing the spiritual desires; greed, intense insecurity, obtaining a sense of security by controlling; possessing the other person's important things to achieve control, and being suspicious;

Scummy situation in relationships, may chase ten girls at the same time to get them to like them, control the most resources before making a choice;

Strongly perceptive, to guess the other person's emotions, to guess what others are thinking, to observe your every move;

Scorpion is restless because of his desires, from getting more to fulfill his security; generally Scorpion will be happy to see his partner feel bad for him, feeling in control of you, that's why Scorpion likes to be abusive, to see you feel bad, to give, to get hurt for him, to make sure that you won't leave, and that his sense of security will be fulfilled.

Controlling, developed insight, will control the psychology of others, to understand everything about the other side, at the same time good at hiding themselves, sometimes with fake emotions, so that the other side does not understand their own, it is particularly secure;

Greedy, always more concerned about their own emotions, good at observing themselves, reflecting on themselves to experience their own emotions, only to focus on their own feelings, focus on their own, it is very easy to cause dissatisfaction in others, greedy for more, resulting in his never secure, on further tormenting others ;Â

There is a hegemonic tendency, double standard, they can do this, you a little bit can not;

Long love, invested in a relationship is very long love, feelings are very strong, in the case of Scorpion exclusive, his love is easy to suffocate, because insecurity, not satisfied; focus, do things very focused on input, but also particularly able to adhere to the enduring power, insight, problem-solving ability, work is very good;

Passionate, for moving people into, if you can not get, become that sensitive and cold; out of the problem, face the problem, but throw the problem on the other side, are your fault; no tendency to please others, their own upset, will one day ask for it back.

Risk-taker, there is resistance will be patient, and then will be in the dark and constantly looking for opportunities to attack, never give up; obsessed with the things you like, have a very strong insight into the emotions of others, strong work ability;

Keywords: desire, strong emotions, hiding oneself, mistrust, insightful, long-suffering, hegemonic, double standard, focused

Positive: controlling extreme egoist, concerned with self feelings, long suffering, focused and committed, persistent insight, passionate

Negative: controlling, possessive, suspicious, greedy, good at hiding oneself, likes to plot in secret, hegemonic, extremely insightful, prone to resentment, dark, more dark side of human nature, sensitive and indifferent
♐Sagittarius: (Jupiter, symbolizing fervor and power)
♐ Sagittarius: (Jupiter, symbolizing fervor and power) Opposition Gemini
Doing things and different, good with people, do things in the general direction of planning, but do not want to details, hate the pressure and the responsibility given by others;

Like to pursue challenges, like freedom, maintain a high public image; long-term vision, visionary, especially long-term goals, but lack of landing planning;

Aspire to freedom, relatively lazy, lack of sense of responsibility, do not want to be governed by others; generous, positive and generous to others, lucky, not easy to cherish, make rash decisions, have a tendency to self-expansion, be praised a few words will be easy to float; optimistic and open-minded, self-confidence;

Likes to avoid problems, will have a tendency to be unrestrained, does not compete with others but is prone to avoid problems;

Strong spirit of adventure, like to try boldly, like to find excitement, do not pay attention to danger, lack of persistence, will ignore many problems;

Strong desire for knowledge, but relatively unfocused, easily annoyed; attaches great importance to personal space, do not like to be managed, his goal in life is to experience a variety of life; do things with special integrity, learning things, hoping to master quickly, without much spirit of study;

Philosophical, like to think and reflect, their own strong sense of morality, like to use the sense of morality, the social system, standing on the moral high ground to accuse others; no sense of maturity and credibility, promised others, easy to forget or not implement, the shooter's commitment is not credible, like to talk big;

In summary: likes to get along naturally with different people, has a general direction plan for things, doesn't want details, hates pressure and added responsibilities, maintains a good public image, long term vision and optimism, aspires to freedom, adventure, has a strong desire for knowledge, positive and bright, bold, philosophical, optimistic and relaxed, lacks a sense of responsibility;

Positive: optimistic, relaxed, open-minded, loving, adventurous, long-sighted, risk-taking

Negative: lack of maturity, lack of credibility, untrustworthy promises, lazy, unappreciative, hasty, inflated ego, evasive, lack of perseverance, likes to take the moral high ground and doesn't care about morality, lacks seriousness and prudence, looks to the future and ignores the present.
♑Capricorn: (Saturn, symbolizing absolute rationality)
♑ Capricorn: (Saturn, symbolizing absolute rationality) Opposite Cancer
Care about the sense of approval of the people around them, have the feeling of the eldest, have a sense of responsibility, everything for the consideration of others; like the interaction of the level without the difference between the upper and lower, easy to approach, will continue to confirm their own goals, have a certain degree of control over the results, like to take one step at a time;

The most ambitious constellation in the 12 constellations, will be sure to achieve a certain goal (the goal of social acceptance), whether it is a career or other, he is very ambitious for this sense of achievement, can suffer, can insist, for the goal to fight, calm, very tolerant, in order to achieve the goal can be through a thousand hardships (eg: XiaoZhaoKe's salvation, YueWangGuoJian's qualities)

Doing things in a certain way, conscientious, down-to-earth, will be interested in each of the deepest and most complete understanding of each thing, to master each piece of knowledge, very firm; have a strong concentration, will be solid to spell the foundation, especially able to suffer, have a strong sense of self-control, a sense of responsibility, endurance, will be the goal step by step to do the plan, will continue to determine their own goals, to determine the goal right or wrong, can not be achieved, to take the road They will pave the way for social achievements and perfect themselves, and they do not feel bitter.

Capricorn will have a sense of sophistication, teenager, self-control, a sense of responsibility, strong sense of responsibility;

Like A person will be down-to-earth plan, how to be together, and then go to work, go to struggle, add each other into their own life plan, in order to two people's goals to struggle, Capricorn's commitment is very believable, reliable; generally will not do can not do the promise of the implementation of the rate is high, there will be a more practical plan.

High requirements, realistic, can not allow others to hinder his goals and plans, choose the object will consider each other whether the common goals and three views, wisdom, especially more, including each other's family situation, personal ability, can meet his needs, in his life planning, you can not help, whether the goal is the same!

Capricorn life is generally more difficult, no to love to sex, will go to work according to the rules of life, give a feeling of heavy pressure, without the optimism and open-mindedness of the shooter; have a long-term plan, and will want to find a way to implement; pessimistic about things, have low self-esteem, need to plan, afraid of mistakes, to plan in detail, will be particularly confident; looks indifferent, in fact, is the emotion itself is relatively little, be accused of reflecting on it; highly ambitious, utilitarian, purposeful, more serious, and will be able to help you to achieve the goals of the same. Utilitarianism is heavy, strong purpose

Keywords: identity, sense of responsibility, ambitious, social achievement, utilitarian, down-to-earth.

Negative: does not know how to release pressure, pessimistic, utilitarian, less emotional

Positive: self-control, sense of responsibility, down-to-earth, trustworthy, committed, low self-esteem
♒Aquarius: (Uranus, symbolizing wisdom and variability)
♒ Aquarius: (Uranus, symbolizing wisdom and variability) Opposite House Lion
Ego, but will hide, have a strong sense of self-worth, will listen to other people's reasoning, criticism of others, will humbly admit their mistakes, but resolutely do not change; good at getting along with people, but with different views, values are not the same, will not fit in, do not accept each other's values, but will respect you, can get along with, but do not agree with; (I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death the right of your words to say)

There is a strong individualism at work, there is a small circle, everyone agrees with their values, get along comfortably, outside the small circle although there is dislike and disapproval, but can get along;

Not easy to be influenced by others, but if the person who cares about and he thinks differently, he will have the tendency to influence you, will choose to subtle, with the details to silently influence you;

Opinionated, have a set of their own values, not subject to others to change and influence; self, with different people will not be directly expressed, the boundary is more fuzzy, he is the other side has an opinion, want to change me, you said I do not listen;

Have a tendency to constantly expand their interpersonal relationships, get along with people to obtain resources, care about the interaction; to care about things, will grasp every detail, and due diligence, is very concerned about the results and purpose, like to take shortcuts, like a fast way to achieve the purpose, to the goal of utilitarianism is very strong;

Collective consciousness, will be willing to sacrifice part of themselves for the collective, more enlightened, will accept the more trendy ideas and concepts, resulting in a unique level. There is acceptance of new things and unique ideas.

There is a sense of coldness and detachment, with different values of people can get along, but will maintain in a kind of surface passable relationship, it is difficult to go particularly close;

The most highly idealized of the 12 constellations, focusing on the spiritual dimension, far above the reality and material; have fraternity spirit and freedom, have an independent soul, need independent space and alone, like to not interfere with each other's respect for each other;

Aquarius love a person, will need a distance, love you, but do not interfere with you, give you freedom and respect, care about spiritual growth, generally will choose to let themselves learn something partner;

Water bottle care about knowledge, basically avant-garde and trendy, including higher knowledge, independence, forward-thinking and the ability to tolerate ideas, do not accept but tolerate, water bottle represents a niche and like-minded!

Keywords: ego, tolerance of differences, individualism, expansion of relationships, concern for interactions and rewards, attention to detail, dedication, utilitarian approach to goals, collective consciousness, innovation, uniqueness of spirit and freedom.

Positive: enlightened, idealistic, freedom-oriented, forward-thinking

Negative: more aloof, non-inclusive, unworldly, tolerant of ideas but not of others
♓Pisces: (Neptune, symbolizing high fantasy)
♓ Pisces: (Neptune, symbolizing high fantasy) Opposition Virgo
There is a victim mentality (will not be like the scorpion has revenge behavior), feel sorry for themselves, very hurt, but they look at the world vision is beautiful, tend to think of people in the direction of good, people and things are more harsh; Pisces divided into two directions, one is to park you in the imagination aspect, how you can, but if your relationship is deep, the Pisces began to ask you harshly, feel that you think differently with you will ask you to change you;

Problems occur, easy to return the favor, can tolerate, have a lot of unrealistic ideas, think a lot, but not practical; will break the limit, hope to infect the people around you to find the true goodness and beauty;

There is no sense of boundaries, will not distinguish between you and me, there will be a feeling of the world is the same, will feel that people are beautiful, from the bottom of the heart to believe in the global village, we are all a family, easy to imagine the relationship between people is very beautiful, will not want to think of a particularly negative. In their view many things are not made, they should be, I can take your things, you can take mine, we should not mind.

So when they find the opposite realization, not the same as he thought expected, tell him the reality, it will not be able to stand;

Pisces have two ways of living, one is always in a dream, love to fantasize and create a kind of addiction, the other wakes up in a dream, to change, to make the world his dream. Prone to a perpetrator mentality, kills the person who destroys his dream. If his imagination is different from reality, he will easily lose control, torturing himself and others; his boundaries are blurred, and he easily doesn't know what he wants, and if this is okay and that is okay, he will easily get confused and have no order;

People with heavy Pisces traits do not have a good routine, and they can do whatever they want, so it is easy to be confused and have no direction, and it is hard for them to accomplish anything;

Particularly easy to be unpretentious, especially tolerant, weak principles, feel how nothing (the most lack of virgin logic), no planning; Pisces has the advantage of a holistic view, not like virgins are particularly easy to get lost in the details;

Pisces represents a kind of extreme spirituality, have feelings of intuition, no boundaries, whose psychology can be experienced, no self, like the anime in the thousand faces, bring into the sense of strong, can be brought into the character of any person, so the Pisces, is very able to understand the emotions of any person.

Very cattle feelings, very able to think differently, standing in your point of view, like experiencing your things;

The Pisces is prone to being an artist, has an extremely strong imagination, idealizes the world, and has strong intuition.

Keywords: victim mentality, no sense of boundaries, prone to fantasize about the good, harsh on people and things, tolerant, intuitive, spiritual, no ego, able to understand other people's emotions

Positive: returning kindness for kindness, ability to tolerate, having a holistic view, spirituality, intuitive power, being able to understand other people's emotions, and

Negative: victim mentality, hard on people and things, no ego, hard to make things happen, blurred boundaries

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