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Leo: (Sun, symbolizing passion and energy)

♌ Leo: (Sun, symbolizing passion and energy) opposite Aquarius
Biggest traits - need to express self; want to be valued by the outside world, creative; need for self-expression and self-expression, self-consciousness to draw attention from others

Will tend to convey happiness and share positive energy; dislikes depressing atmosphere and will take initiative to improve it;

Strong willpower and ability to recover. When encountering big problems, the ability to recover is generally very strong;

Accepting part of the crab's insecurity, have a tendency to retain; say the problem is easy to talk about a general output a conceptual, like to talk about half and leave half, leaving a gap for others to create, the delivery will always not be very detailed, have a tendency to retain the ego

Extremely need to be concerned, be recognized, especially rising lions, material is the most obvious, like to play themselves very dazzling, eye-catching, to be noticed; especially easy to lead the popularity of the masses; lions do not have a stage and do not feel the attention will be particularly uncomfortable, resulting in self-doubt!

Generally generous and generous, the need for a sense of honor, at the same time because of the care of creativity, willing to show you the good and happy positive energy, enjoy playing, enjoy the process of creating their own things; generous to people, at the same time very high-profile arrogance, do things with a sense of propriety, good face, so give the lion the best advice based on the advice;

Keywords: need to be valued, care about self-expression, focus on popularity, creativity, positive energy, strong principles, strong recovery ability

Negative: self-doubt, insecurity, reservations, unwillingness to accept criticism, high self-esteem, arrogance

Positive: transmits happiness and positive energy, strong willpower and resilience, creativity, vitality

TIPS: Leo likes to be the center of social life and can easily satisfy the needs of the public. This sign is suitable for being a star and is prone to produce singing divas and kings.