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Aries: (Mars, symbolizing energy and stamina)

♈ Aries: (Mars, symbolizing energy and stamina) opposite Libra
Biggest trait - pioneering, has a desire to create something or to achieve something, source of action and impulse, his pioneering focus is instinctively creative;

Any situation Leaves himself open and room for maneuver, seeks a sense of trade-offs between what can be done and what can be done; will be impulsive within a manageable range and will back off when out of range;

The second characteristic - focus, action; very competitive, enterprising, very focused, hard to be influenced by the people around, not easily disturbed (and Scorpion, like Mars, Scorpion also has an additional Pluto)

In addition, the psychological aspect of the pursuit of happiness, hate negative emotions; speak more straight, sometimes without thinking, will not think too much about other people's emotions; resulting in the Aries very direct, decisive, like to solve problems in a simple way!

Very concerned about self-space; create their own comfortable small space, very focused and engaged, do not want to let others disturb, no matter who you are, otherwise it is easy to get angry!

Keywords: Ego, Focus, Pursuit of Happiness, Strong Action (Action is in service of his happiness or unhappiness), Competitiveness

Positive traits: strong action, competitive, hot blooded, chivalrous, direct and decisive

↘Negative traits: lack of staying power, easy to be impulsive; hasty decisions; not knowing strategy, incomplete thinking;

TIPS: The first thing each sign should do is to learn from his opposite house sign, and the second thing is to learn from his next sign, because the cycle of the cycle is weekly, so the sign after each sign is an evolution, an upgraded version of the sign, which contains the advantages of the previous sign, and rejects his shortcomings, so the Aries is to learn from the Taurus;