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Cancer: (Moon, symbolizing emotions and feelings)

♋ Cancer: (Moon, symbolizing emotions and feelings) opposite Capricorn
Self-protection and family-oriented, have the ability to take care of and care, easy to develop like a small circle of family members, small groups, warm and tolerant of their own circle of people, inside the circle and outside the circle of people feel he is not the same, the boundary line delimitation will be particularly serious; to the circle of people valued at the same time, there are a lot of requirements for them, the giant crab want to be valued and valued, concerned and concerned, tolerant and accommodating

Cancer nostalgia, basically very accommodating; but the negative characteristics, easy to be emotional, to like people can not tolerate you too independent, and can not tolerate you are not independent, want to be relied on by you, but also want you to rely on him; very concerned about similar to the family's emotions and warmth

Strong dependence on people in the circle, lack of independence, need to be considerate, caring and warmth, care and be taken care of; want to feel safe, will not refrain from what they like;

Emotional: he will pay attention to your needs, give you what you want, beg for your attention, also need you to pay attention to him, give him what he wants, can't give him will make, because can't get the loss of emotional, sulking, but will not say directly, hope that the heart is in the right place, especially to treat the people he considers important

Keywords: emotional, absolute need for security, needing and being needed, loving and being loved, sensitive

Negative: emotional, willful, insecure, poor self-control, high need for love and attention, lack of independence, timid, unwilling to express needs

Positive: Protective of family, easy to give warmth, tolerant, nostalgic, tendency to take care of others

TIPS: Cancer needs to be like Leo behind him to learn to express and show himself while having the spirit of charging, to be independent, and to believe in his own independent ability.