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Capricorn: (Saturn, symbolizing absolute rationality)

♑ Capricorn: (Saturn, symbolizing absolute rationality) Opposite Cancer,Care about the sense of approval of the people around them, have the feeling of the eldest, have a sense of responsibility, everything for the consideration of others; like the interaction of the level without the difference between the upper and lower, easy to approach, will continue to confirm their own goals, have a certain degree of control over the results, like to take one step at a time;

The most ambitious constellation in the 12 constellations, will be sure to achieve a certain goal (the goal of social acceptance), whether it is a career or other, he is very ambitious for this sense of achievement, can suffer, can insist, for the goal to fight, calm, very tolerant, in order to achieve the goal can be through a thousand hardships (eg: XiaoZhaoKe's salvation, YueWangGuoJian's qualities)

Doing things in a certain way, conscientious, down-to-earth, will be interested in each of the deepest and most complete understanding of each thing, to master each piece of knowledge, very firm; have a strong concentration, will be solid to spell the foundation, especially able to suffer, have a strong sense of self-control, a sense of responsibility, endurance, will be the goal step by step to do the plan, will continue to determine their own goals, to determine the goal right or wrong, can not be achieved, to take the road They will pave the way for social achievements and perfect themselves, and they do not feel bitter.

Capricorn will have a sense of sophistication, teenager, self-control, a sense of responsibility, strong sense of responsibility;

Like A person will be down-to-earth plan, how to be together, and then go to work, go to struggle, add each other into their own life plan, in order to two people's goals to struggle, Capricorn's commitment is very believable, reliable; generally will not do can not do the promise of the implementation of the rate is high, there will be a more practical plan.

High requirements, realistic, can not allow others to hinder his goals and plans, choose the object will consider each other whether the common goals and three views, wisdom, especially more, including each other's family situation, personal ability, can meet his needs, in his life planning, you can not help, whether the goal is the same!

Capricorn life is generally more difficult, no to love to sex, will go to work according to the rules of life, give a feeling of heavy pressure, without the optimism and open-mindedness of the shooter; have a long-term plan, and will want to find a way to implement; pessimistic about things, have low self-esteem, need to plan, afraid of mistakes, to plan in detail, will be particularly confident; looks indifferent, in fact, is the emotion itself is relatively little, be accused of reflecting on it; highly ambitious, utilitarian, purposeful, more serious, and will be able to help you to achieve the goals of the same. Utilitarianism is heavy, strong purpose

Keywords: identity, sense of responsibility, ambitious, social achievement, utilitarian, down-to-earth.

Negative: does not know how to release pressure, pessimistic, utilitarian, less emotional

Positive: self-control, sense of responsibility, down-to-earth, trustworthy, committed, low self-esteem