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Libra: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty)

♎ Libra: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty) Opposition Aries
Coordination ability, focus on the coordination of relations with others, the collective sense of cooperation with others, sociability, adapt to society, especially like to reconcile and coordinate relations, very concerned about the power of cooperation;

Weighing the relationship, hesitant about their own affairs, to others is a master mediator; others can give good advice when the relationship is tense, very good at balancing the interests of both sides, weighing the pros and cons, weighing the development, weighing the gains and losses, weighing the relationship;

Coordination and weighing to ensure the harmony of the relationship, care about the harmony between people, reach a win-win situation, do things well, have a good result;

Self-consciousness, using one's own power to develop and attract resources, what one can't get will not be commanded directly, one will use tactics or roundabout strategies to attract the other party; two-faced, maintaining fairness on the positive side; hesitation on the negative side, preferring to look at the problem from God's perspective, standing on the moral high ground (because there is no absolute fairness, one will be hesitant), hesitation produces procrastination

Greed, Libra's tangled hesitation lies in greed, wanting everything, wanting to be fair but worrying about being too much;

Rationality, weighing the pros and cons and fairness requires rational space, the bone is thin, cold, not particularly attached to anyone;

Good interpersonal image, good external image, considerate, gentle, romantic, in order to facilitate access to more resources (lack of Aries real, sincere, simple)

Good at packaging themselves, all traits are packaged and groomed, packages their image beautifully; politeness means detachment to keep distance; hypocrisy, acts nice to the outside world, has another set of plans inside;

Good at socializing, care about long-term one-on-one relationships in interpersonal relationships, focus on each other's needs, to please you, to reach a win-win situation, to achieve long-term relationship maintenance; but encounter problems, can not reach or give you what you want, easy to choose to escape, perfunctory, and inherently like to lie.

Dare not take risks, entanglement and hesitation is easy to lose some urgent opportunities, more cowardly, like surface work. When encountering problems, you may take a step back and watch the fire from the other side of the river. Easy to compromise, because care about relationships, will integrate, soft, is good crisis communicator, the pursuit of results can be roundabout concessions (Aries value the process); good at modifying the relationship, cover up their own behavior, care about the interaction of the relationship;

Keywords: backing off, pursuing results, coordination, trade-offs, harmony, tact and politeness, one-to-one relationships

Positive: harmony, politeness, sociability, good image, rationality

Negative: duplicity, do as little as you can, pedantry, hypocrisy hypocrisy, greed