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Taurus: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty)


♉ Taurus: (Venus, symbolizing the union of love and beauty) Opposite Scorpion
Accumulated desire, very realistic, will be satisfied, do not want to get too far away from him, Taurus itself is very pragmatic

Sense of value, special consideration of value, determined that the goal is not easy to turn back, will adhere to a kind of self-confidence and persistence, regardless of external influences will break through resistance, do not listen to the opposition, insist on completing their own ideas (this point is a bit like the Water Bottle)

Confident in their own point of view, happy to enjoy life, especially willing to show what they have; Taurus enjoys materialistic and practical things (Pisces enjoys the spirit of bias)

On behalf of the natural beauty (Libra on behalf of the carving and modification of the beauty), such as you see the desert, the Himalayas, feel the beauty, the kind of nature's artifice. Taurus on behalf of this natural beauty, to the person is born beautiful, not dressed up how beautiful

Extremely concerned about itself and the enjoyment of the senses, see, touch and hear the senses, care about very concrete things.

Especially down-to-earth and stubborn, like an old cow will be down-to-earth, step by step, adhere to their own feel right; do not like never like, like always like, like you may like you a certain feature, and will not be all, he is very clear about the part he likes!

Keywords: self-confidence, figurative aesthetics, persistent stubbornness, enjoyment of material things, stability, perseverance, realistic

Negative: stubborn, easy to ignore others, lazy and greedy at the same time, addicted to sensual pleasures, boring, chronic

Positive: strong patience, self-confidence, stability, persistence, enjoyment.

TIPS: The Taurus generally has a heavy appetite for sex, money, color, material and stability, and is generally better behaved when it wants to satisfy its desires; if it is not satisfied, it will not restrain itself, and will go looking for