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Virgo: (Mercury, symbolizing knowledge and work)

♍ Virgo: (Mercury, symbolizing knowledge and work) opposite Pisces
Detailed planning, presentation of the self, rubbing off on the self in a group, synergizing with the group, presentation of the self in a group rubbing off on the group in a secondary school

Extreme search for inner order, a strong sense of discipline, very high standards, strict adherence to the knowledge set, no one can go against it.

Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous, humble, willing to learn from others, strong sense of morality (not of the community at large, but of his inner order, which he considers immoral if you go against it), judgmental standards that follow his heart;

He is very organized, very good at planning, has very strict requirements, and has a strong sense of inner order (e.g., cleanliness, things must be put back to their original places); he is prudent, thoughtful, and likes to look at problems with dialectical thinking.

Variable, will change with the changing environment of his standards will continue to change; self beautification needs

Virgin requirements will be divided into internal and external, a high demand for themselves (very good), will continue to learn and change, due diligence; the other high demand for others (the people around them are very painful)

Maverick, like to define others, high demands on themselves, the standard did not meet the easy anxiety and conflict; logical, very serious, key details; like to define others;

Virgo is stronger people, will update the loss of the ability to look at macro issues and the overall picture, look at the problem one-sided, low acceptance of new things; like to calculate how much others and their own pay, fairness, love to calculate the characteristics of the

Keywords: dialectical thinking, logical, demanding, sense of inner order, responsible and cautious, meticulous, organized, love of learning, the

Positive: follow inner order, show high standards, strong learning ability, humble learning attitude, responsible, meticulous, planned and organized, will serve others, cautious and thoughtful in doing things

Negative: anxious and neurotic, one-sided, no overall view, low acceptance of new things.