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Opposite Libra
Biggest trait - pioneering, has a desire to create something or to achieve something, source of action and impulse, his pioneering focus is instinctively creative

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Opposite Scorpion
Accumulated desire, very realistic, will be satisfied, do not want to get too far away from him, Taurus itself is very pragmatic



Opposite Sagittarius
Strong information-gathering ability: sensitive to new things, extremely sensitive to the slightest change, strong information-capturing ability is the strongest in the 12 constellations; curiosity is the strongest in the 12 constellations;



Opposite Taurus
Caring about desires and having many desires, the opposite house Taurus, favoring the Taurus, places extreme importance on sensual pleasures and material desires, i.e., valuing the material versus valuing the spiritual desires


Opposite Aquarius
Biggest traits - need to express self; want to be valued by the outside world, creative; need for self-expression and self-expression, self-consciousness to draw attention from others



Opposite House Lion
Ego, but will hide, have a strong sense of self-worth, will listen to other people's reasoning, criticism of others, will humbly admit their mistakes, but resolutely do not change


Opposition Gemini
Doing things and different, good with people, do things in the general direction of planning, but do not want to details, hate the pressure and the responsibility given by others



Opposition Aries
Coordination ability, focus on the coordination of relations with others, the collective sense of cooperation with others, sociability, adapt to society, especially like to reconcile and coordinate relations, very concerned about the power of cooperation



Opposite Cancer,Care about the sense of approval of the people around them, have the feeling of the eldest, have a sense of responsibility, everything for the consideration of others



Opposite Pisces
Detailed planning, presentation of the self, rubbing off on the self in a group, synergizing with the group, presentation of the self in a group rubbing off on the group in a secondary school


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I am incredibly impressed with the level of customer service I received. The staff was knowledgeable, patient, and helped me find the perfect necklace for my wife for her birthday. I can't thank them enough.


The Aries I purchased are not only beautiful, but very comfortable to wear. The craftsmanship is exceptional and I love that they are sustainably made. I highly recommend this store.


The Virgo ring I purchased is a work of art with a unique band complemented by a delicate moissanite that will be treasured for a lifetime.


I couldn't be more excited about my Cancer ring purchase, it's elegant, lightweight, beautifully designed, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

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Can I customise the style I want myself?

Can I customise the style I want myself?

What is a Custom Ring? A custom ring is a unique piece of jewelry that is designed and created specifically for an individual. Unlike mass-produced rings, custom rings are made to order, allowing y...

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For an introduction to the constellations that everyone knows

For an introduction to the constellations that everyone knows

♈Aries: (Mars, symbolizing energy and stamina) ♈Aries: (Mars, symbolizing energy and stamina) opposite LibraBiggest trait - pioneering, has a desire to create something or to achieve something, so...

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Mosanite and its advantages

Mosanite and its advantages

Anyone interested in the world of precious and semi-precious stones knows that it is vast to say the least. There is a wide variety of stones, each composed of different elements, with different ha...

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