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Aquarius: (Uranus, symbolizing wisdom and variability)

♒ Aquarius: (Uranus, symbolizing wisdom and variability) Opposite House Lion
Ego, but will hide, have a strong sense of self-worth, will listen to other people's reasoning, criticism of others, will humbly admit their mistakes, but resolutely do not change; good at getting along with people, but with different views, values are not the same, will not fit in, do not accept each other's values, but will respect you, can get along with, but do not agree with; (I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death the right of your words to say)

There is a strong individualism at work, there is a small circle, everyone agrees with their values, get along comfortably, outside the small circle although there is dislike and disapproval, but can get along;

Not easy to be influenced by others, but if the person who cares about and he thinks differently, he will have the tendency to influence you, will choose to subtle, with the details to silently influence you;

Opinionated, have a set of their own values, not subject to others to change and influence; self, with different people will not be directly expressed, the boundary is more fuzzy, he is the other side has an opinion, want to change me, you said I do not listen;

Have a tendency to constantly expand their interpersonal relationships, get along with people to obtain resources, care about the interaction; to care about things, will grasp every detail, and due diligence, is very concerned about the results and purpose, like to take shortcuts, like a fast way to achieve the purpose, to the goal of utilitarianism is very strong;

Collective consciousness, will be willing to sacrifice part of themselves for the collective, more enlightened, will accept the more trendy ideas and concepts, resulting in a unique level. There is acceptance of new things and unique ideas.

There is a sense of coldness and detachment, with different values of people can get along, but will maintain in a kind of surface passable relationship, it is difficult to go particularly close;

The most highly idealized of the 12 constellations, focusing on the spiritual dimension, far above the reality and material; have fraternity spirit and freedom, have an independent soul, need independent space and alone, like to not interfere with each other's respect for each other;

Aquarius love a person, will need a distance, love you, but do not interfere with you, give you freedom and respect, care about spiritual growth, generally will choose to let themselves learn something partner;

Water bottle care about knowledge, basically avant-garde and trendy, including higher knowledge, independence, forward-thinking and the ability to tolerate ideas, do not accept but tolerate, water bottle represents a niche and like-minded!

Keywords: ego, tolerance of differences, individualism, expansion of relationships, concern for interactions and rewards, attention to detail, dedication, utilitarian approach to goals, collective consciousness, innovation, uniqueness of spirit and freedom.

Positive: enlightened, idealistic, freedom-oriented, forward-thinking

Negative: more aloof, non-inclusive, unworldly, tolerant of ideas but not of others