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Gemini: (Mercury, symbolizing spiritual communication)

♊ Gemini: (Mercury, symbolizing spiritual communication) opposite Sagittarius
Strong information-gathering ability: sensitive to new things, extremely sensitive to the slightest change, strong information-capturing ability is the strongest in the 12 constellations; curiosity is the strongest in the 12 constellations;

Thirst for learning and change, like to try every new thing, every piece of want to catch, not easy to go deeper; self, like to express their own views, to attract the attention of others; will be appropriate to compromise their own to cater to the public, pay attention to your needs;

Thoughts and information are especially easy to be influenced, see things objectively, easy to be influenced by others, accept fresh views; think others have a point, he will bow his head, admit his mistakes and go to change;

Keywords: objective, strong in grasping and gathering information, curious, strong in learning, strong in communication and expression skills

Positive: smart and flexible, quick thinking, adaptable, good learning ability, likes to innovate, good communication, good interpersonal relationship

Negative: easily influenced, not stable enough, easily distracted, easy to do things double-mindedly, difficult to go deeper, changeable