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Scorpio: (Pluto, symbolizing transformation)

♏ Scorpio: (Pluto, symbolizing transformation) opposite Taurus
Caring about desires and having many desires, the opposite house Taurus, favoring the Taurus, places extreme importance on sensual pleasures and material desires, i.e., valuing the material versus valuing the spiritual desires; greed, intense insecurity, obtaining a sense of security by controlling; possessing the other person's important things to achieve control, and being suspicious;

Scummy situation in relationships, may chase ten girls at the same time to get them to like them, control the most resources before making a choice;

Strongly perceptive, to guess the other person's emotions, to guess what others are thinking, to observe your every move;

Scorpion is restless because of his desires, from getting more to fulfill his security; generally Scorpion will be happy to see his partner feel bad for him, feeling in control of you, that's why Scorpion likes to be abusive, to see you feel bad, to give, to get hurt for him, to make sure that you won't leave, and that his sense of security will be fulfilled.

Controlling, developed insight, will control the psychology of others, to understand everything about the other side, at the same time good at hiding themselves, sometimes with fake emotions, so that the other side does not understand their own, it is particularly secure;

Greedy, always more concerned about their own emotions, good at observing themselves, reflecting on themselves to experience their own emotions, only to focus on their own feelings, focus on their own, it is very easy to cause dissatisfaction in others, greedy for more, resulting in his never secure, on further tormenting others ;Â

There is a hegemonic tendency, double standard, they can do this, you a little bit can not;

Long love, invested in a relationship is very long love, feelings are very strong, in the case of Scorpion exclusive, his love is easy to suffocate, because insecurity, not satisfied; focus, do things very focused on input, but also particularly able to adhere to the enduring power, insight, problem-solving ability, work is very good;

Passionate, for moving people into, if you can not get, become that sensitive and cold; out of the problem, face the problem, but throw the problem on the other side, are your fault; no tendency to please others, their own upset, will one day ask for it back.

Risk-taker, there is resistance will be patient, and then will be in the dark and constantly looking for opportunities to attack, never give up; obsessed with the things you like, have a very strong insight into the emotions of others, strong work ability;

Keywords: desire, strong emotions, hiding oneself, mistrust, insightful, long-suffering, hegemonic, double standard, focused

Positive: controlling extreme egoist, concerned with self feelings, long suffering, focused and committed, persistent insight, passionate

Negative: controlling, possessive, suspicious, greedy, good at hiding oneself, likes to plot in secret, hegemonic, extremely insightful, prone to resentment, dark, more dark side of human nature, sensitive and indifferent