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Sagittarius: (Jupiter, symbolizing fervor and power)

♐ Sagittarius: (Jupiter, symbolizing fervor and power) Opposition Gemini
Doing things and different, good with people, do things in the general direction of planning, but do not want to details, hate the pressure and the responsibility given by others;

Like to pursue challenges, like freedom, maintain a high public image; long-term vision, visionary, especially long-term goals, but lack of landing planning;

Aspire to freedom, relatively lazy, lack of sense of responsibility, do not want to be governed by others; generous, positive and generous to others, lucky, not easy to cherish, make rash decisions, have a tendency to self-expansion, be praised a few words will be easy to float; optimistic and open-minded, self-confidence;

Likes to avoid problems, will have a tendency to be unrestrained, does not compete with others but is prone to avoid problems;

Strong spirit of adventure, like to try boldly, like to find excitement, do not pay attention to danger, lack of persistence, will ignore many problems;

Strong desire for knowledge, but relatively unfocused, easily annoyed; attaches great importance to personal space, do not like to be managed, his goal in life is to experience a variety of life; do things with special integrity, learning things, hoping to master quickly, without much spirit of study;

Philosophical, like to think and reflect, their own strong sense of morality, like to use the sense of morality, the social system, standing on the moral high ground to accuse others; no sense of maturity and credibility, promised others, easy to forget or not implement, the shooter's commitment is not credible, like to talk big;

In summary: likes to get along naturally with different people, has a general direction plan for things, doesn't want details, hates pressure and added responsibilities, maintains a good public image, long term vision and optimism, aspires to freedom, adventure, has a strong desire for knowledge, positive and bright, bold, philosophical, optimistic and relaxed, lacks a sense of responsibility;

Positive: optimistic, relaxed, open-minded, loving, adventurous, long-sighted, risk-taking

Negative: lack of maturity, lack of credibility, untrustworthy promises, lazy, unappreciative, hasty, inflated ego, evasive, lack of perseverance, likes to take the moral high ground and doesn't care about morality, lacks seriousness and prudence, looks to the future and ignores the present.