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S925 silver jewelry will produce oxidation discoloration over timeas long as it is worn properly, and in the case of daily careand maintenance,it can extend the discoloration time!
1.Avoid direct contactwith perfumes,powdersdetergents and lotions.
2.Remove your jewellerybefore entering pools,hottubs,doing household choresor using abrasive cleaners.
3.Store each pieceseparately in a bag orbox to avoid scratchingand to prevent tarnishing
4.Silver jewelry is easy to oxidizeand it is normal that it will turnblack if it is placed for a long time.You can apply a layer of toothpasteon the oxidized and discoloredsilver jewelry, add some water,brush it gently with a soft brushrinse it with clean water, andwipe it several times with a silvercloth to restore the original color