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Pisces: (Neptune, symbolizing high fantasy)

♓ Pisces: (Neptune, symbolizing high fantasy) Opposition Virgo
There is a victim mentality (will not be like the scorpion has revenge behavior), feel sorry for themselves, very hurt, but they look at the world vision is beautiful, tend to think of people in the direction of good, people and things are more harsh; Pisces divided into two directions, one is to park you in the imagination aspect, how you can, but if your relationship is deep, the Pisces began to ask you harshly, feel that you think differently with you will ask you to change you;

Problems occur, easy to return the favor, can tolerate, have a lot of unrealistic ideas, think a lot, but not practical; will break the limit, hope to infect the people around you to find the true goodness and beauty;

There is no sense of boundaries, will not distinguish between you and me, there will be a feeling of the world is the same, will feel that people are beautiful, from the bottom of the heart to believe in the global village, we are all a family, easy to imagine the relationship between people is very beautiful, will not want to think of a particularly negative. In their view many things are not made, they should be, I can take your things, you can take mine, we should not mind.

So when they find the opposite realization, not the same as he thought expected, tell him the reality, it will not be able to stand;

Pisces have two ways of living, one is always in a dream, love to fantasize and create a kind of addiction, the other wakes up in a dream, to change, to make the world his dream. Prone to a perpetrator mentality, kills the person who destroys his dream. If his imagination is different from reality, he will easily lose control, torturing himself and others; his boundaries are blurred, and he easily doesn't know what he wants, and if this is okay and that is okay, he will easily get confused and have no order;

People with heavy Pisces traits do not have a good routine, and they can do whatever they want, so it is easy to be confused and have no direction, and it is hard for them to accomplish anything;

Particularly easy to be unpretentious, especially tolerant, weak principles, feel how nothing (the most lack of virgin logic), no planning; Pisces has the advantage of a holistic view, not like virgins are particularly easy to get lost in the details;

Pisces represents a kind of extreme spirituality, have feelings of intuition, no boundaries, whose psychology can be experienced, no self, like the anime in the thousand faces, bring into the sense of strong, can be brought into the character of any person, so the Pisces, is very able to understand the emotions of any person.

Very cattle feelings, very able to think differently, standing in your point of view, like experiencing your things;

The Pisces is prone to being an artist, has an extremely strong imagination, idealizes the world, and has strong intuition.

Keywords: victim mentality, no sense of boundaries, prone to fantasize about the good, harsh on people and things, tolerant, intuitive, spiritual, no ego, able to understand other people's emotions

Positive: returning kindness for kindness, ability to tolerate, having a holistic view, spirituality, intuitive power, being able to understand other people's emotions, and

Negative: victim mentality, hard on people and things, no ego, hard to make things happen, blurred boundaries